Monday, February 01, 2010

Teenage Girls

Great poetics statement by Kate Durbin at Delirious Hem:

"Say the boundary between “life” and “art” is mocked in performance, whether a performative text (see Helene Cixous), a parade of unnatural fashions (high school halls become the theater), or a false fit of demonic possession. When one is possessed with performing the pose of this line, she must be ready to be labeled an attention whore, a witch, an interestingly packaged but ultimately substance-less sell out. In other words, prepare for your art, which is only your life, to be dismissed."

The most overrated quality of art: Disinterestedness. And in this piece, Kate brings in Plath and why she has to be dismissed: she is not disinterested enough. This is also related to why kitsch has to be dismissed: it is everywhere (on the shelves for example or on TV). Plath is of course someone who is constantly playing with mass culture and kitsch (her very body becomes kitsch repeatedly).

And it seems this has something to do with why those saviors of good taste, the October writers, had to call Joseph Beuys a fascist.


Blogger Kate Durbin said...

Yes, exactly.

Plath took poetry too seriously, and she died.

Teenage girls take Plath too seriously, and poetry. They become angsty, dangerous.

Ironically it's in the most dismissed art form--kitsch--that real stakes (political stakes; lives) are present.

What a mess!

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